“I was most satisfied with the follow-up and the attention to detail provided by the company. I cannot speak highly enough of SouthEnd Home Improvement.”

S. Cacciatore

“I was very impressed. I am so thankful that I did decide on SouthEnd to do my job, because I thoroughly researched beforehand, and I had about four quotes from different companies.”

J. Rawlinson

“From top to bottom, everyone did a really good job. I appreciated the owner stopping by to see how everything was going. That always sends a strong message that quality and customer service is important to the company.”

M. Campbell

“The area where I was most satisfied with SouthEnd Home Improvement was how they were on time and on schedule. They went out of the way to make sure I was happy with my project.”

S. Soto

“As I work in the construction/operations and maintenance field, it would be hard to pick one person out for exceptional service - they work as a team to provide a quality end product for the homeowner.”

B. Jenkins

“Very professional, especially sales people, project managers, etc. Crews were generally courteous as well.”

T. Billotto